News | 03.12.2021

Overpass of North-Eastern chord running from Botanichesky sad station of MCC to Selskokhozyaystvennaya street is open

Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, has launched the traffic on the six-lane overpass of the North-Eastern chord main route running from Botanichesky sad station of the Moscow Central Circle to Selskokhozyaystvennaya street. The object is a part of the North-Eastern chord section from Yaroslavskoye shosse to Dmitrovskoye shosse designed by the engineers of Mosproekt-3, the company which forms a part of the so named Group of Companies.

“In approximately six-month time the North-Eastern chord in going to be completed, connecting the entire line between Businovskaya and Kosinskaya interchanges. Thus, the city will receive the transit from MKAD to MKAD avoiding the city center,” – Sergei Sobyanin said.

The mayor of Moscow emphasized that the engineers were able to implement the most complicated project of the engineering structure that passes over the station hall of Botanichesky sad metro station of Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line and over the so named station of MCC.

Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development Policy and Construction, added that along with the overpass two other objects had been launched, a one-kilometer section of the main road of the North-Eastern chord running from Proyezd Nansena to Berezovaya alleya, and a pedestrian underpass. The entire complex of the construction works was carried out ahead of the schedule.

Anna Merkulova, CEO of the Group of Companies Mosproekt-3, said that the overpass had been constructed in the area with the already developed urban landscape, that is why the engineers of the Group of Companies had been assigned with the task of mitigating the effect of the construction works on automobile traffic and public transport systems.

“The experts of the Group of Companies applied a non-typical type of trestle constructions – built-in girders serving as support for span metal structures. Their application enabled to arrange the construction works without interrupting the operation of the existing transit systems,” – Anna Merkulova explained.

The head of the GC added that span metal structures were designed and engineered as continuous box-shaped ones. The solution enabled to construct a 31-meter wide roadway of six lanes.

As a reminder, the North-Eastern chord is going to run from Businovskaya interchange to Kosinskaya overpass and will connect 26 districts of Moscow. The total length of the main route of North-Eastern chord is going to take 40 km. Approximately 2/3 of the entire North-Eastern chord is designed and engineered by the GC Mosproekt-3.