News | 23.12.2021

Anna Merkulova appointed as vice-president of RTA board

The presidium of the board of directors of the Russian Tunnelling Association formed a new governing structure of the organization. Anna Merkulova, CEO of the Mosproekt-3 Group of companies, has taken up the position of the vice-president of RTA board.

The head of the Group of companies has taken charge of the project branch of the Association and is going to oversee the organization of the survey activities and development of the Standard and Regulations for the underground construction. Apart from that, Anna Merkulova is to supervise the activities of the Science-technical expert council.

As a reminder, the representatives of the top-management of Mospromproekt, the company that forms a part of the GC Mosproekt-3, previously joined the RTA board as the board members.

GC Mosproekt-3 is a key participant of the major transit projects of the country. Within the Moscow metro development program, the experts of the Group of companies provided dozens of technological solutions to enhance the underground space development. Today the engineers of GC Mosproekt-3 are closely involved in the metrotram project in Chelyabinsk as well as in the extension of the metro system in Nizhny Novgorod.