News | 01.02.2021


Transport interchange at the intersection of the South-Eastern chord with Volgogradsky Prospekt is 30% complete. The project of the section of the chord was developed by the engineers of Mosproekt-3, the company which forms a part of the so named Group of companies.

“The construction of the chord section is scheduled to be completed by 2023, yet this interchange is assumed to be released in advance. At present the trestles are being constructed for the overpass ramps from Volgogradsky Prospekt to the main road of the South-Eastern chord. Meanwhile, the overpass of the chord main road is also under construction. Moreover, for this section of the highway there are certain plans to reconstruct Shosseynaya ulitsa and the overpass in Tekstilshchiki district”, – Andrey Bochkarev, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban planning and construction.

To diminish the effect on the vehicle traffic on one of the most congested highways of Moscow, the experts of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3 applied the structures of various types

“The spans of the structure which are immediately above Volgogradsky prospekt have been designed and engineered from the composite reinforced concrete elements. This structure enables to assemble the span structure by the cranes, using the minimum number of temporary trestles. Girder spans are used in the areas where there are no cramped conditions or topography complexity. They are produced in the plant and are delivered to the construction site in their complete form. Thus, we were able to minimize the number of the construction vehicles in the area of intensive traffic as well as essentially shorten the deadline of the project implementation”, – Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3.