News | 14.10.2021


The experts of Mosproekt-3, the company that forms a part of the so named Group of Companies, started to construct the asphalt-concrete plant, whose produce is being used to lay the freeway M-12 “Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan”.

The highway is going to join the new international route “Europe-Western China”. GC Mosproekt-3 provides with the design and engineering of the section in Nizhegorodskaya oblast with the length of 107 km.

The asphalt-concrete plant that is going to take approximately 2,5k square metres, will provide the productivity of 4k tonne produce per day. The covering of the section road surface will require approximately 350k tonnes of asphalt.

“The construction of the plant derives from the high demands for the quality of the highway road of such a level as M-12. For instance, the low layers of the foundation require the asphalt-concrete blend with the highest warranty service period of the road surface. The produce is made by the method focused on the solution of classic deformations and increase in resistance to low-temperature crackings”, – Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3.

The top manager clarified that the asphalt-concrete plant’s resource will enable not only to provide the section of the Group of Companies with the produce, yet it will be possible to be used in other sections of the new highway.