News | 24.11.2021

GC Mosproekt-3 shared its expertise in information modelling at BIM World

The experts of the Group of Companies Mosproekt-3 participated in the BIM World Munich annual conference. The key international event in the sphere of digital technologies in construction takes place annually, gathering approximately 10 thousand representatives of the industry.

The engineers of the Group of Companies presented the details of the major infrastructure projects that are implemented in Russia, including the ones on creation of the transit systems in metropolises and federal highways, as well as shared their expertise in the application of BIM-technologies. The progress of the GC experts in the sphere of information modelling enabled the GC Mosproekt-3 to remain the BIM-leader of Russia in the infrastructure construction.

Dmitry Tsyupa, the technical director of Mospromproekt, the company that forms a part of the GC Mosproekt-3, paid extra attention to the practices of BIM-technologies application in the ongoing project of the Troitskaya line of the Moscow metro.

“For the first time in Russia the whole segment of the metro line has been designed in BIM-environment, which enabled to fit in the object into the densely developed urban landscape. Apart from that, the Troitskaya line crosses the Big Circle line, which is currently under construction, that is why we interconnected the utility systems of the two. As a result of the application of the information modelling, we were able to optimize the terms of the project implementation,” – Dmitry Tsyupa said.

The experts of the Group of Companies described the specific character of BIM implementation into the GC operational process, as well as shared their expectations concerning the prospects of the information modelling in the Russian construction industry.

“We are closely engaged into the development and popularization of BIM-technologies by upgrading the Standard and Regulations, constant searching and testing new software solutions to enhance our possibilities in the sphere of information modelling. That is why sharing the best practices with our foreign colleagues is the core part of our operating process,” – Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of Companies Mosproekt-3, said, summarizing the results of the conference.

BIM World Munich 2021 forum took place on November 23-24 in Munich, Germany. During the event over 100 speakers from all over the world shared their cases of BIM-technologies application. Apart from that, the forum served as a platform for the exhibition with over 200 representatives of the industry.