News | 15.10.2021


The experts of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3 participated in the work of the colloquium of the Austrian community on geomechanics as well as Austrian national committee of the International tunnelling association. The event was held within the corporate educational programme.

The annual colloquium consolidates the leading experts of the central Europe in the sphere of the underground space development and became a prominent event for the world professional community. This year the experts considered the up-to-date practices of the tunnelling in the urban development, new achievements in the sphere of mechanized tunnelling, as well as advanced methods when exploring and solving the problems related to geological risks.

“The educational programme that is released in the Group of Companies, covers the advanced knowledge of the world science community in transport construction. This enables us to maintain a high level of the produced services dealing with design and engineering of the objects, as well as to hold the professional consulting for the authorities and prospective customers”, – Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3.

As a reminder, GC Mosproekt-3 is the key participant of large-scale urban planning programmes of Moscow: the extension of Metro network, the creation of chord highway system, the formation of transport network, etc. The

engineers of the Group of Companies are engaged in the most complicated objects and provide the public customer with the advanced technological development. In the past the Group of companies in partnership with Skolkovo business school launched the educational programme for the managers in the infrastructure construction, held a series of intensive courses with Russian, European and North American scientists on the issues relating to karst phenomenon, in cooperation with technical university TU Graz realized the course on the new Austrian method of tunnelling (NATM). Apart from that, within Moscow Urban Forum they held the panel session of the expert centre of GC Mosproekt-3 concerning the implementation of the infrastructure projects in Russia along with the trends of global construction industry.