News | 14.12.2021

Facility designed by GC Mosproekt-3 won “City for all 2021” award

The clinic for children and adults in Bolshoy Strochenovsky pereulok won the “City for all 2021” reward and was recognized as the medical organization that created the best conditions for the access of people with limited mobility. The project of the clinic was developed by the experts of MNIITEP, a company that forms a part of the Mosproekt-3 Group of companies.

The award was presented to the head of the City Clinic #68 that operates the facility. The MNIITEP company received the diploma as the organization that had designed and engineered the project of the building as well as the adjacent territory complying with the requirements for the accessibility of the medical infrastructure for people with limited mobility.

Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3, said that the engineering solutions of the MNIITEP experts had enabled to embed the modern medical complex, built in accordance with inclusivity principles, into the densely built-up historic landscape of the city center.

“In the tight space of the city center the engineers were able to implement the project of the state-of-the-art clinic with the capacity of 320 patients a day with the most advanced medical equipment. Apart from that, the layout and space planning of the building were developed complying with the principles of inclusivity. A range of engineering solutions ensures the access to the medical infrastructure for people with limited mobility: extended elevator space, extra light intensity of the interior as well as fireproof areas that can accommodate physically challenged people in case of emergency,” – added Anna Merkulova.

The “City for All” award is held annually by the Department of Labour and Social Protection of Population of Moscow. The event is aimed at the creation of the inclusive urban environment for physically challenged people, it also incentivizes the complex adaptation of social, transport and engineering infrastructure for people with limited mobility.