News | 17.05.2021


The reconstruction of Ulitsa Barclaya is an important stage in the integration of North Alternate Route of Kutuzovsky Prospekt into the existing street-road network of the city. The target date for the completion is mid-2022. The project of construction of the new flyover through the railway lines as well as the reconstruction of the adjacent streets was developed by the experts of Mosproekt-3, the company which forms a part of the so named Group of companies.

“Ulitsa Barclaya and the surrounding roads are going to be reconstructed in three stages. On the section from North Alternate Route of Kutuzovsky Prospekt to the intersection with Ulitsa Oleko Dundicha, Ulitsa Barclaya will be extended to three traffic lanes for each direction. Promyshlenny Proyezd and Bagrationovsky Proyezd will also be extended to two lanes in each direction, which will significantly increase the capacity of the local road network,” said Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Development Policy and Construction.

On the site of the previous flyover through the railway tracks the experts of GC Mosproekt-3 designed and engineered a new one with the length of 200 meters.

 “The previous engineering structure had 3 spans, the new one will consist of 7 spans, which will enable to lay the section of the North Alternate Route of Kutuzovsky Prospekt under the flyover. At the same time, the crossing railway tracks structures will be assembled in the drainage strip and constructed by the incremental launching method during the “technological windows” in order to maintain the smooth train traffic on the Moscow Central Diameter-1,” said Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3.aid.