News | 29.09.2021


Mosproekt-3, the company that forms a part of the so named Group of Companies, turned out to be the sole participant of the competition to develop the documentation on the planning of the territory of the freeway from Kazan to Ekaterinburg in the section Dyurtyuli – Achit. The new route is going to integrate into the transcontinental route “Europe – Western China”.

The length of the section of the road between the boroughs Dyurtyuli and Achit is going to be approximately 275 km. The route is going to cross three regions of Russia. The speed of the vehicles in the four-lane highway is going to be 120 km per hour. 5 transport interchanges are scheduled to be constructed.

“The team of the Group of Companies has acquired massive expertise on the implementation of the large-scale urban planning projects in Moscow, including road construction. Our experts have designed and engineered over 800 km of roads with 750 engineering structures of different types, including the first  five-level Businovskaya interchange and about 2/3 of the entire North-eastern chord. These objects are integrated into the international corridor “Europe – Western China”. We are also working in another section of this mega-project: on the territory of Nizhegorodskaya oblast the intensive operational works are being carried out to construct 100km part Arzamas – Sergach”, – Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3.

As a reminder, the public company “Avtodor” is the Customer of the new freeway M-12 construction.

The length of the section “Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan”, that is going to cross through5 regions of Russia, will exceed 800 km. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin assigned to extend the highway to Chelyabinsk and Tyumen.