News | 07.12.2021

Big Circle line Section from Kakhovskaya to Terekhovo opened in Moscow

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin launched the train service at the new section of the Big Circle line of the Moscow metro. The engineers of Mospromproekt, the company that forms a part of the GC Mosproekt-3, had designed and engineered 6 out of 10 stations that were opened.

“After completing the entire object, connecting the 70-km-long Big Circle line, it is likely to become the longest metro-circle in the world. Moscow residents can be genuinely proud of the implementation of such a large-scale, highly in demand project. I know that all the urban services as well as thousands of experts were engaged in the project, they are the construction workers, designers, architects, engineers, mechanics,” – Vladimir Putin emphasized.

Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow reminded that the Big Circle line is the core project of the development program of the Moscow transportation hub. The implementation of the project generally requires approximately 150 km of tunnels to be bored.

“The Big Circle line is going to cover 44 routes running in different directions, including the suburban rail roads, Moscow Central Circle, Moscow Central Diameters and radial lines of the metro. This is the key project that along with MCC is, in fact, the new core structure of all the transit system of Moscow and the Moscow transportation hub,” –Sergei Sobyanin said.

According to Anna Merkulova, CEO of The Group of companies Mosproekt-3, the task of the architects was to create a memorable and unique image of each station to maintain the status of the Moscow metro as one of the most beautiful in the world. The experts of the Group of Companies designed the stations in the style of parametricism, never seen before in the Moscow underground. Apart from that, to decorate the stations both natural and artificial finishing materials were used, some of which, for example, quartz agglomerate and aluminum chameleon panels were chosen for the first time in the history of Moscow metro construction.

“The launch of the new BCL section is a remarkable event in the life of the city that became possible as a result of the expertise of the experts of the Mospromproekt company, as well. I would like to thank you for the job done. It is beyond any doubt the achievement to be proud of and an important milestone in the history of the Group of Companies” – Anna Merkulova, CEO of the Group of companies Mosproekt-3, said, congratulating the team.

As a reminder, The Big Circle line is the largest-scale project of the world metro construction. The total length of the circle line is going to be over 70 km with 31 stations operating on it. BCL is going to become the new interchange circuit that will reduce the load on the existing metro lines by 30%.