tunnelingworld.com | 30.11.2021

Novomoskovskaya Station of Sokolnicheskaya Metro line is 30% Ready

The Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government for Urban Development Policy and construction, Andrey Bochkarev announced that the Novomoskovskaya station of the Sokolnicheskaya line is 30% ready.

Andrey Bochkarev revealed: “At the Novomoskovskaya station, work is being completed on the construction of foundation pits, and the construction of the station complex is underway. We estimate the general availability of the station at 30%.”

The head of the Construction Complex asserted that for the smooth extension of the Sokolnicheskaya line, work is being done on the preparation of the territory and the removal of utilities in the area of the future traffic intersection on the section Solntsevo – Butovo – Varshavskoye highway from TPU “Stolbovo” to St. Glades.

Andrey Bochkarev explained: “Novomoskovskaya will be built using a new technology – it will become the first heated ground station in the capital’s subway: for this, more ventilation equipment will be installed at the station, due to which the supply of warm air will be increased, the lobbies will also be additionally insulated and additional double-glazed windows will be installed on the track walls.”

on the other hand, Anna Merkulova, the general director of the Mosproekt-3 group of companies, declared that the placement of extra equipment required non-standard engineering solutions from the designers – it was inevitable to fit the equipment into the constructive shell and not violate the architectural appearance of the station complex.

She specified: “To solve this difficult task, we abandoned the classic ventilation chamber inside the station and placed all the overall equipment on the roof of the station complex. It was possible to connect the branched engineering systems with each other and with the shell structure thanks to the use of BIM technologies. Even at the design stage, information modeling made it possible to detect and correct conflict points, as well as to organically combine communications with the architecture of the object.”

As Anna Merkulova emphasized, the re-arrangement of Novomoskovskaya enabled to decrease the total area of the station and thus fit it into the cramped conditions of the surrounding constructions: the station complex placed through the Solntsevo-Butovo-Varshavskoye highway is “squeezed” on both sides by overpasses.

The Novomoskovskaya station of the Sokolnicheskaya line is being constructed in the Sosenskoye settlement through the Solntsevo-Butovo-Varshavskoye highway under construction. Considerably, the station is going to boost transport services for residents of the Novomoskovsk district, the Yuzhnoye Butovo district, and the new quarters of Kommunarka.