ZIL Transport Network

Ambitious urban development projects in new points of growth and in the already existing development of the metropolis, as well as the need for major renewal of industrial zones, required an integrated approach to the development of territories. A fundamentally new comfortable urban environment is being formed with all the related infrastructure in place of the abandoned and non-functional industrial areas.

The engineers of the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 have provided with a new innovative area on the territory of the ZIL, the former Likhachov Plant, with a new street and road network. Designed and engineered by the Group’s experts the main artery of a new renovation area, Likhachev Avenue, connected Andropov Avenue, the Third Ring Road, Teknopark Metro Station and ZIL MCC Station between each other. In addition, a new road network and the bridge over the Novinki river channel are currently under construction.

The Group of companies engineers have developed a project of a bridge crossing over the Novinki zaton, which will connect the territories of the integrated development of ZIL. The design of the structure enables to avoid any restrictions for navigation of ships on the Moskva River: the central span of the bridge is designed and engineered from the metal structures with an orthotropic plate of the roadway, that provides the necessary dimensions for the passage of ships.

Anton Terekhin

Head of Engineering Structures Department