General Dorokhov Prospekt

The new outbound highway in Moscow is designed and engineered to essentially improve the transport situation in the entire western sector of the capital. The most complex object connects several major urban highways at once: the Moscow Automobile Circle Road (MKAD), the North-Western Chord, the Southern Rocade and the Third Circle Road. It also provides a direct transport link with The Skolkovo Innovation Center.

As the General Designer and Engineer, the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 experts ensured the effective integration of the projected highway into the city dense transport infrastructure. One of the engineering features of the object is that the highway for the most part passes in close proximity to the railway lines. The design and engineering solutions developed by the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 engineers enabled to link the most important transport arteries of Moscow without affecting the traffic.

During the construction, the traffic on the Kievskoye route of the Moscow Railway and one of the major lines of the Moscow Central Circle through which transit from the territories of New Moscow is carried out, was ensured. The project provides for the construction of a railway overpass over the main course of the highway in the area of the TTK at the intersection with the section of the Moscow railway. The design and engineering solution enables to avoid any train traffic disruption and guarantees an intensive traffic on the The Kiyevskoye Suburban Railway Line (the future section 4 of the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD-4)).

Pavel Shlychkov

Project Chief Engineer