Project of the Residential Building under the Housing Stock Renovation Program, 5, Peresvetov Lane

The unprecedented program of renovation of the housing stock of Moscow, in which more than 1 million residents participate, is intended to renew the districts of the capital radically. New comfortable residential complexes with the related infrastructure now replace the old standard housing facilities, built more than half a century ago during the first period of industrial housing construction.

The Group of companies Mosproekt-3 is closely involved in the implementation of the Housing Stock Renovation Program: the first individual residential complexes have already been realized on the site of the old five-story buildings. Besides, at the Design and Engineering Stage the Group of companies engineers widely apply Building Information Modelling (BIM).

When designing and engineering the residential building with the engineering networks in Danilovsky District (5, Peresvetov Lane), 75% of chapters of the project design and engineering documentation were made by means of BIM-technologies (an architectural model and all engineering systems were fully developed). BIM allowed us to solve all the issues of linking the systems relatively with each other and with the structures of the residential building, which could not be identified when designing in 2D, on classical drawings.

Maria Bragina

Complex Chief Project Engineer

This house is the launch pad for the renovation program in the Danilovsky district and sets the trend for updating the image of the entire district. The three-section house is built according to an individual project of variable number of storeys and takes into account all the needs of low-mobility groups of citizens. When developing the project, the peculiarities of the location were also taken into account: Danilovsky District is surrounded by the older housing stock. The color solution chosen by the Group of companies architects fits the new building into the existing building as harmoniously as possible.

Elena Lobodedova

Complex Chief Project Engineer