Project of a 900-seat school in the Severny district

Ambitious urban development projects in new growth points and in the already existing development of the metropolis, as well as the residents’ need for comfortable and balanced environment, required an integrated approach to the development of territories. Exceptional experience and professional competences enable the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 to successfully implement complex urban planning projects and non-standard civil construction facilities with the infrastructure of high-quality.

The Group of companies engineers provided the general design and engineering of the school for 900 places in Severny District within the implementation of the Integrated Territorial Development program. The school is the largest and up-to-date in the district and acts as a new center of attraction, having the necessary potential for the development of the innovative environment. The conceptual solution of the Severny District urban development made by the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 experts was recognized as a new benchmark due to its integrated infrastructure with various social facilities.

Designing and engineering of urban environment is a complex task that requires not only high qualification, but up-to-date approaches that correspond to the upcoming challenges, people’s needs and expectations. This is all about Severny District integrated urban development project: we’ve managed to develop an up-to-date, multifunctional project that features comfortable environment, high-quality education and transport accessibility. The new school along with two kindergartens form a powerful unified educational cluster, which main goals are to create and develop children scientific societies and to participate in partner programs with Russian leading universities.

Maria Bragina

Complex Chief Engineer of the Industrial and Civil construction projects