Northern Alternate Route of Kutuzovsky Prospekt

The new outbound highway is going to provide transport accessibility to the financial center Moscow-City and connect it via the MKAD (Moscow Circle Automobile Road) with the Northern Bypass of Odintsovo. The large-scale project is being implemented under a concession agreement and, as a result, the Northern Alternate Route for Kutuzovsky Prospekt is likely to become the first intra-city highway in Moscow within the public-private partnership.

One of the engineering features and difficulties of the object is the passage of the route along its entire length closely to the railway lines. The solution to align the highway and the railway line enabled to efficiently and delicately integrate that large-scale infrastructure facility into the existing dense urban development. The implementation of the concept turned out to be possible as a result of the highly professional competencies of the engineers of the Group of companies Mosproekt-3: a unique 3D information model of the object and the adjacent territory have been created. For the implementation of this infrastructure project applying building information modeling, unique for Russia, the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 is recognized as the leader in the application of BIM technologies in the sphere of infrastructure.

In some sections of the highway, the overpass construction covers railway lines. In this case, we use the transverse launching instead of or in addition to incremental launching method. This is due to the fact that the span geometrics and the narrow intersection angle with the railway line prevent from constructing a superstructure segment outside the railway right-of-way and then displacing it along the axis of the overpass. That is why we had to construct a span parallel to the railway line and then apply transverse launching method in order to move it to the designed and engineered position.

Evgeny Astafiev

Deputy Chief Engineer

In terms of design and engineering, the Northern Alternate Route for Kutuzovsky Prospekt is a very complex object with numerous intersections with the existing street and road network, railway and metro lines, engineering systems and even the Moskva River. While working on this project, we had to deal with the issues connected with the location of the road infrastructure facilities, such as noise barriers, road barriers, traffic signs, road light towers etc. We also investigated tens of kilometers of engineering systems in order to find all the intersections with the facility.

Sergey Kiryakidi

Head of BIM Department