Alternate Route of Lyublinskaya Street

In the conditions of an acute shortage of street and road network, the Alternate Route of Lyublinskaya Street is going to become a new outbound highway and will provide transport accessibility in the south-eastern sector of the city, and will also become the driver for the development of the Southern Port renovation industrial zone.

The part of the highway runs along the Kursky Suburban Railway Line over the metro lines and connects to South-Eastern Chord. The implementation of this large-scale project became possible through the design and engineering solutions of the engineers of the Group of companies Mosproekt-3, which enabled to connect the highway with the abundance of the transport infrastructure as efficiently as possible and provide the districts Pechatniki and Lyublino with new routes.

The construction of the transport interchange is complicated by the close proximity to the existing metro line and the section of the Big Circle under construction, as well as the abundance of the underground urban sewage networks and rain water drainage systems. When designing and engineering the overpasses, we applied modern analysis methods which enabled to analyze the stress-strain state of structures in a three-dimensional formulation and take the right constructive solutions.

Arsen Avetikyan

Head of the Road Facilities Design Directorate