North-Eastern Chord

In the conditions of an acute shortage of street and road network, The Chord Ring of Moscow is designed and engineered to provide Moscow with high-speed cross-links in the middle part of the metropolis. Furthermore, the North-Eastern Chord integrates the Moscow-St.Petersburg Highway and the perspective Moscow-Kazan Highway into the city transport system, which is going to become a part of the “Europe – Western China” international transit corridor.

The Group of companies Mosproekt-3 engineers designed and engineered 2/3 of the entire North-Eastern Chord. The new highway runs closely along the Moscow Central Circle and the Moscow Railway radial routes, so the experts of the Group of companies faced the challenge of organizing construction works without train traffic disruptions.

The overpass over the North-Eastern Chord (the section from Dmitrovskoye Highway to Yaroslavskoye Highway with the overall length of 2,4 km) crosses two routes of the Moscow Railway and is located along the Moscow Central Circle. In order not to cause any traffic disruptions on this important mode of transport, we managed to foresee temporary railway transport reorganization – during the construction period, the trains were transferred to the additional railway route, which was constructed for this purpose. Thus, the structures of the overpass will be able to be rapidly built in secured working conditions.

Dmitry Fomenko

Head of Project

When designing a span in the section from Yaroslavskoye to Dmitrovskoye Highway, we used modern structural analysis methods. In particular, we applied three-dimensional approach to analyze the structures’ deformation mode, thanks to which we managed to make a detailed analysis of structural behavior and to design and engineer a span with such complex geometry.

Evgeny Astafiev

Deputy Chief Engineer