MCC Transport Hubs

Moscow Central Circle (MCC) is a new type of transport in Moscow, which immediately became popular with passengers. MCC has intersections with Moscow Metro and radial railway lines, including Moscow Central Diameters (MCD). Moreover, MCC has stimulated the development of the surrounding areas, which are mostly located in the ineffectively used industrial zones.

The Group of сompanies Mosproekt-3 team designed and engineered the majority of the transport hubs of MCC, having integrated railway infrastructure into the city environment. Nizhegorodskaya Transport Hub became a flagship project: the transport hub unites MCC station, suburban railway platform and the joint station of Nekrasovskaya Line and the Big Circle Line.

Transport hubs construction is a significant element of the entire transport system development. To make transfer faster and more comfortable for passengers, the Group of сompanies Mosproekt-3 engineers integrated different transport systems into a single complex structure considering all the security requirements and technical characteristics of each means of transport. During the design and engineering stage, we happened to encounter the Regulations lacuna, that is why we had to develop new unique design and engineering solutions, which had no analogues. For instance, the construction of Nizhegorodskaya Transport Hub started after the MCC line had been completed and almost in parallel with the metro station construction.

Alexey Makarov

Deputy CEO