Zamoskvoretskaya Metro Line

Moscow Metro Development Program has no world analogues, impresses with its scale that involves the maximum extent of available resources. The Group of companies Mosproekt-3 engineers were actively involved in the work from the start of an unprecedented project and secured their leadership status in the sphere of underground space development in the shortest possible time.

Being a key participant of Moscow Metro Development Program, the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 provides it with unique technical solutions. For instance, the Belomorskaya Station had to be “inset” above the operating Zamoskvoretskaya line using the top-down method without traffic disruption on the line, it was the first time in the new history of Moscow Metro. The technology enabled to carry out the load-bearing structures of the station complex in tight deadline, and quickly rebuild the infrastructure on the ground and minimize the effect on the urban area.

Belomorskaya Station is a unique station, its construction was conducted in tough conditions and required deconstruction of the existing metro tunnels. The construction site was so small, that we had to reject the anti-blowing area construction and to install escalators in the center, not in the ends of the platform which would extend its length. As regards space planning, the entire station complex has a compact space-planning solution – the station hall and the majority of technical and service spaces are located above the platform.

Daria Bizina

Head of Design and Engineering Department