Sokolnicheskaya Metro Line

Moscow Metro Development Program has no world analogues, impresses with its scale that involves the maximum extent of available resources. In the shortest time, the territory of New Moscow is integrated into the megapolis transport system.

Being a key participant of the unprecedented Moscow Metro Development program, the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 provides it with unique engineering solutions. At a record pace, the Sokolnicheskaya Line was extended to the annexed territories of New Moscow, where for the first time in the history of the Moscow metro, a ground section from Salarievo to Kommunarka was implemented with the tracks covered to protect against precipitation. Moreover, for the first time in Moscow, a combined automobile and metro tunnel was implemented at the Olkhovaya station. The section to the Novomoskovskaya station, which is going to become the first heated ground station of the Moscow metro, is currently in operation.

For the first time in the history of the Moscow metro, our engineers have implemented the concept of a ground metro section laid in a single frame with the highway on the Sokolnicheskaya Line section in New Moscow. The unique construction, which covers the paths, has not only aesthetic, but also technological purpose - it protects from precipitation and ensures the security of the site. In addition, this design solution enabled to reduce both construction period and costs of engineering systems, for example, there was no need for forced ventilation. At the same time we managed to preserve the functional performance of the Line and increase the safety of all systems.

Evgeny Chumakov

Advisor to the CEO on Design and Engineering of Metro Facilities

To increase the comfort for passengers, the Novomoskovskaya station will be built by means of a fundamentally new technology – it will become the first heated ground-level station in the Moscow Metro. To do this, additional ventilation equipment will be installed there to increase the air heating. We managed to avoid the increase of the total area of the station having installed most of the ventilation equipment on the station's roof and at the same time to preserve the station’s appearance as a result of the architectural and decorative envelope. The station halls additional insulating, drainage systems external heating and double-glazed line walls will minimize heat loss and help avoid further challenges during operating phase like formation of ice.

Dmitry Tikhonov

Head of Project