The Project of the Residential Building under the Housing Stock Renovation Program, 5, Peresvetov Lane

Ambitious urban development projects in the new growth areas, as well as residents’ need for comfortable urban environment, revealed a demand for the implementation of an unprecedented the Housing Stock Renovation Program. New comfortable residential complexes with related infrastructure replace now old standard housing facilities, which were constructed more than half a century ago during the first industrial housing construction period.

The Group of Companies Mosproekt-3 is actively involved in the implementation of the Housing Stock Renovation Program: on the site of old five-storey standard housing, there have already been constructed the first individual residential complexes. Besides, at the Design Stage The Group of Companies engineers widely use Building Information Modelling (BIM).

«When designing the residential building in Danilovsky District (5, Peresvetov Lane), 75% of chapters of the project design documentation are created with the use of BIM-technologies, including an architectural model of the facility and all engineering systems. BIM resolved all the problems connected with the linking of all the systems between each other and with the structure of the residential building, which would be impossible to detect using classic 2D drawings»

Maria Bragina

The project's Chief Engineer

«The construction of this particular facility is a launching pad to create a new image of the renovation housing, and at the same time it stimulates the further development of the district. The building is constructed according to an individual project of a three-section building with variable number of storeys. The project was specially designed to the needs of people with limited mobility. When designing, the characteristic of the facility location also were taken into account: Danilovsky District is surrounded by the older housing stock. Color solution made by The Group of Companies architects allowed to integrate delicately a new building into existing urban development»

Elena Lobodedova

The project's Chief Engineer.

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