The Alternate Route of Lyublinskaya Street

In the context of an acute shortage of street and road network, the Alternate Route of Lyublinskaya Street will become an additional radial route and at the same time will provide transport connection between Moscow three Administrative districts. Furthermore, the new outbound highway will significantly improve transportation and accessibility in the south-eastern sector of the city. It will also become a driver for the Yuzhny Port industrial area development.

The high-speed road is located along the Kursky Suburban Railway Line right-of-way and connects to South-Eastern Chord. It passes directly over the Big Circle Line metro station which is currently under construction. The design solutions made by The Group of Companies Mosproekt-3 team made it possible to implement such a large-scale project, in particular, to connect the highway on the key section as effectively as possible with the existing transport infrastructure thus provide Pechatniki and Lyublino Districts with new routes.

«The stack interchange is located in close proximity to operating Moscow Metro line, the Big Circle Line section under construction, urban sewage networks and rain water drainage systems. Dealing with all these issues made this the most difficult part of the stack interchange's construction. When designing overpasses, we used modern structural analysis methods. In particular, we used three-dimensional approach to analyze structures’ deformation mode, thanks to which our specialists made right constructive solutions»

Arsen Avetikyan

Head of the Road Facilities Design Directorate

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