Children and Adult Medical Centre with 320 outpatient visits per shift

Ambitious urban development projects in the new growth points and already existing megapolis development alongside with the residents’ demand for a comfortable and balanced urban environment required an integrated approach to the territory development. Exceptional expertise and professional competences enable the Group of companies Mosproekt-3 to implement complex urban planning projects and original civil construction facilities with high-quality infrastructure.

The Group of companies Mosproekt-3 provided the general design and engineering of a unique Children and Adult Medical Centre. The newest medical complex with the most advanced medical equipment was implemented in the cramped conditions of the historical urban development of the central part of Moscow. Integrated blocks of children’s and adults’ medical centres are expected to improve the quality of healthcare services for over 50000 residents of the Zamoskvorechye district. 

This completely new Medical Centre is aimed at 320 patients’ visits per shift and is well-equipped with the advanced medical equipment. The building connects the blocks of children's and adults’ medical centres, a harmonious internal space creates a comfortable environment for all visitors. High-quality medical care is delivered as a result of modern principles of space planning of medical buildings in accordance with the new Moscow Medical Centres Standard. Furthermore, the design and engineering solutions enable to separate the flows of visitors to different functional entrances, which is of extreme importance during infectious diseases peak period.

Elena Lobodedova

Industrial and Civil Construction Chief Project Engineer