News | 12.11.2020


The Moscow Investment Program for 2021-2023 provides for the construction of 33 transport-transfer units. That’s been reported by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Planning and Construction Andrey Bochkarev. The Mosproekt-3 Company specialists take an active part in the implementation of the program of transport hubs.

“Transport hubs are an important part of the transport system improving plan. The aim is to make passenger transfer between different types of transport more comfortable and faster,” Andrey Bochkarev explained.

Engineers of the Moscow Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Typology and Experimental Design (MNIITEP), which is part of The Group of Companies Mosproekt-3, developed twenty-two projects of transport-transfer hubs on the Moscow Central Circle. Ryazanskaya Transport Hub became the flagship project: it connected the MCC station, the suburban railway platform, the Nekrasovskaya Line and the Big Metro Ring joint station.

 “Today it is the only transport intercharge hub in the country that connected the maximum number of traffic flows. In the design we had the aim to integrate several transport systems, each with its own technological features and operating regulations. The regulatory framework was not sufficient to address some of the project issues. We have therefore developed solutions that have not yet been replicated,” Anna Merkulova, The Group of Companies Mosproekt-3 CEO, said.

The construction of the transport hub was carried out in stages: MCC station was started first, then Karacharovo Platform was moved, the trains of the Nekrasovskaya Line have been started running recently, construction of the Big Ring has being continued. All that time, the trains didn’t stop running.

 “A number of complex assemblies of escalator-elevator groups have been developed to adjoin to the already existing structures. The movement of trains on the railway hasn’t been interrupted due to so-called technological windows at night time,” Anna Lukonskaya, MNIITEP Director of Design Work Department, said. She told about the peculiarities of transport hub design in expert interview with Russia 24 TV channel.